Who's Speaking?

Our speakers are internationally-renowned trainers, authors, and consultants.
This year we have a great number professional speakers, book authors, and tech conference rockstars.

Moshe Shamy

Chief Architect, Sela

Dr. Galit Ben Tovel

Head of Management Division, Sela

Liron Ratzabi

Senior Architect, Sela

Gal Hutman

Cloud Infrastructure lead, Sela

Orit Roterman

Head of people and culture, Breezometer

Gad J. Meir

R&D Manager, IDAG

Aviv Berko

Senior Database Consultant, Sela

Guy Naftaly

Cloud and DevOps Architect, Sela Group

Noam Amrani

DevOps Consultant, Sela

Guy Chen

CEO and owner, ULYSSES

Jeff Prosise

Chief Learning Officer, Atmosera, Tennessee, USA

Ilia German

DevOps Consultant, Sela

Katia Barak

Senior Trainer and Consultant, Sela

Roy Pearl

Co-Founder and VP R&D, Vica,

Avi Nehama

Cloud Architect, Sela,

Natali Cutic

Cloud Architect, Sela,

Yarin Dolev

DevOps Engineer, Sela,

Kfir Gur Ari

AI, Advanced Analytics & IoT lead, Sela,

Masha Kandler

Consultant, Sela

Elli Shlomo

Cloud IR Analyst and MS MVP, Sela,

Jonathan Jalfon

DevOps Consultant, Sela,