Who's Speaking?

Our speakers are internationally-renowned trainers, authors, and consultants.
This year we have a great number professional speakers, book authors, and tech conference rockstars.

Moshe Shamy

Chief Architect, Sela

Amit Wertheimer

Software QA Engineer, RSA

Katya Barak

Senior Trainer and Consultant, Sela

Ido Katz

Industry Tech Strategist, Microsoft

Boaz Ziniman

Principal Technical Evangelist, AWS

Galit Ben Tuval

Head of Management Division, Sela

Shirley Leor

Consultant, Independent

Esti Rabinovich

Consultant, Independent

Ifat Dook

Consultant, Independent

Sharon Rendlich

Gome, Owner

Dan Morgenstern

DevOps Consultant, Sela

Dovi Perla

Consultant, Sela

Gad J. Meir

R&D Manager, Owner, IDAG Il LTD.

Nadav Har-Tzvi

Consultant, Sela

Eran Hadas

Public Speaking Trainer, Independent

Ziv Harush

CEO, Makesimple

Nir Miretzky

Co-Founder, TheGamers.TV

Liron Ratzabi

Senior Architect, Sela

Nir Noy

Senior Consultant, Sela

Shani Bar-Oz

Web Consultant, Sela

Aviv Berko

Senior Database Consultant, Sela

Gil Zilberfeld

Testing & Agile Expert, Independent

Arnon Axelrod

Automation Team Leader, Sela

Leon Jalfon

DevOps Consultant, Sela

Itshak Eli

DevOps Consultant, Sela

Avi Avni

Consultant, Sela

Noam Amrani

DevOps Consultant, Sela

Netanel Malka

Big Data Consultant, Sela

Andrey Tytskov

Cloud Architect, More by Sela

Yaniv Shmulevich

Senior Cloud Architect, Sela

Alex Lebinson

Senior Web Architect, Sela

Sagie Vachman

Head of QA, DAGlabs

Hanna Kliachkovska

SQA Engineer, Autodesk

Ilia German

DevOps Consultant, Sela

Igor Goldshmidt

QA Manager, Sweet Inn Company

Nitzan Goldenberg

QA Engineer, SeatGeek

Dror Avrilingi

CTO, Amdocs Quality Engineering

Tal Scheuerman

Cloud Infrastructure Consultant, Sela Group

Or Maman

DevOps Consultant, Sela Group

Alon Linetzki

CEO, QualityWize™