Who's Speaking?

Our speakers are internationally-renowned trainers, authors, and consultants.
This year we have a great number professional speakers, book authors, and tech conference rockstars.

Moshe Shamy

Chief Architect, Sela

Galit Ben Tuval

Head of Management Division, Sela

Rama Berman Eckstein

Mediator, Gome

Itay Melamed

Automation Architect, Minute Media

Dovi Perla

Consultant, Sela

Gad Meir

R&D Manager, IDAG

Nadav Har-Tzvi

Consultant, Sela

Eran Hadas

Public Speaking Trainer,

Liron Ratzabi

Senior Architect, Sela

Aviv Berko

Senior Database Consultant, Sela

Arnon Axelrod

Automation Team Leader, Sela

Leon Jalfon

DevOps Consultant, Sela

Noam Amrani

DevOps Consultant, Sela

Netanel Malka

Big Data Consultant, Sela

Yaniv Shmulevich

Senior Cloud Architect, Sela

Alex Lebinson

Senior Web Architect, Sela

Tal Scheuerman

Cloud Infrastructure Consultant, Sela

Alon Linetzki

CEO, QualityWize™

Guy Mizrahi

achievement psychologist, Touch the Pita

Amir Adler

Senior Consultant, Sela

Tamir Reiss

Consultant, Sela Group

Yuval Detinis

Senior Consultant & Architect, Sela

Daria Shalimov

Qa & Automation Manager, CyberProof

Ido Flatow

Cloud Solutions Architect, Google

Hanan Rosen

Creative Thinking, consultant,

Gal Hutman

Cloud Infrastructure lead, Sela

Erez Shapsa

Cloud infrastructure consultant, Sela

Idan bar on

Cloud Infrastructure consultant, Sela

Yaniv Ben Haim

Cloud infrastructure consultant, Sela

Yael Kril

Leadership Development, Intel

Limor Shiponi

Consultant, The Storytelling Company Inc